MarioKart Step!

The man himself, Chris a.k.a. sci (scibot9000) had the ingenious idea of transforming popular electronic songs into MarioKart tunes and as whacked out as that idea sounds, not only does he pull it off, but he does it with style to spare. He just released his album EDM Circuit and was kind enough to let us know about it and give us the opportunity to share it with all y’all. 


This particular song is an arrangement of Skrillex’sScary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. To fully appreciate what sci has done here, I suggest you look up the original tune and compare.

Anyway, go on and check out the song and download the album, it’s free with optional donation and he more than deserves your generosity!

Also stay tuned to our feed for our next SNESology official song, and remember our CONTEST!

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    :) Yeah, I’d Mario Kart to that.
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    :) yeah, I’d Mario Kart to that.
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    Heh I would say for everyone who thinks those chords are wrong to check out how well music like that works in Earthbound...
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    woo! first negative comment!! I was starting to get worried, there. :P admittedly this song was a less than ideal choice...
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    MarioKart Step!
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