Harumi Makoto has made a delightful cover of the Buoy Base song from Super Mario Galaxy. Harumi has done a splendid job of capturing all the little details and ways that the instruments are handled in this. It just goes to show that if you had heard this first on the SNES, you would have gone crazy over it just like the orchestral original. Harumi also notes that it was made in Super Mario World using AddMusicK, which is amazing.

Listen and Download to the SPC here

Jimmyoshi who previously submitted as Jimmy52905 with an excellent cover of the Super Mario 3D World theme is back with another cover. He uses the sounds from Dracula X and covers the Wily Stage 3 Theme from Mega Man 10 and with gusto might I add. The song fits seemlessly after the intro to Bloodlines. Jimmy notes:

"I always thought that the Bloodlines theme from Dracula X sounded very Mega Man-esque, so I thought it’d be an interesting idea to try covering a Mega Man song in that style."

And it indeed is a good idea!

Listen and Download

Estudio Evergreen took a while to get this up on Youtube but I’m glad he did. Using our very own Terranigma soundset, he pays tribute to the game and says “The song is strongly influenced by Loiras theme (Europe) but just different” so if you’ve played the game I’m sure you’ll feel the nostalgia there. It’s a well made song and a pleasure to listen to, thanks Estudio!

Unfortunately there is no download for this version but feel free to check out Estudio’s Soundcloud page for more of his work.

Patricio Herrera is really passionate about SNES music, I mean check out his channel introduction video, that’s pretty cool. Patricio hasn’t submitted much but seriously, go check his channel, there is ALOT of SNES stuff there and bound to be something you’ll love.

Right, back to what he’s actually submitted us. We get something different for a change with sounds coming from MSH: War of the Gems/ Xmen: Mutant Apocalypse which are a lot of fun. Reminds me of games made by American studios at the time. Pat says it could probably be used for a “space stage or something like that”, yeah that would do it. Could be used for anything really! It starts off pretty simple but gets much more interesting later on.

This track has no name or link to download, sorry!

Were very much enjoying Alexander Rosetti’s covers of Super Mario 3D World and more of this is something the world does indeed need. This time he covers the track ‘Hands-on Hall’ using The Legend of the Mystical Ninja’s soundfont created by Blitz Lunar who is very awesome himself and you should check him out!

This track is particularly well done and captures the original’s instrumentation to a T. Check it out!

Listen and Download here

Check the links below as there are not one but two tracks

Alexander Rosetti slipped by our radar since I keep forgetting tumblr has an inbox and almost never check it. If you submit through our email at SNESology@gmail.com I will definitely see it sooner rather than later! But I will try to remember to check this inbox.

Anyway I’m glad I did because newcomer Alex does a bang up job of doing SNES covers. In this case they are Super Mario 3D World covers using our Super Mario World soundset. We recently had a cover of the main theme using Yoshi’s Islands sounds and these sound just as good.

Listen and Download here:

Double Cherry Pass

Circus  ~ “Circus Bonus”

Thank you potato-tan for giving us a wintery piece! It was submitted just before Christmas Day so it counts as something Christmassy and I’m sorry it took this long to post it up. Tales of Phantasia was an awesome game with great music, I remember playing one of its pieces as my entry performance to get into a course at college. This doesn’t disappoint either, it is a lovely atmospheric song that feels very unique and very easy to listen to again and again.

Download ‘Frozen Corridors’

potato also provided us with his own files and recommended a bunch of tools that he used to create his piece with. He explains it very well so I will hand it over to him:

"Merry Christmas, SNESology! I composed this track with the theme "RPG cold environment" in mind! The song uses instruments from Tales of Phantasia.

I made this song using a couple of tools I thought I’d share with the community.

First, here are the MML/SPC/BRR files for the song.

I dumped the BRRs with a tool called split700 and compiled an SPC with an MML I typed up with AddMusicK (which can generate SPCs without the use of a rom, as mentioned in its readme). A good amount of my MML was converted from MIDI data via PetiteMM, and I managed to rip echo/ADSR/gain values via SPC700 Player.”

Cheers potato!

Jimmy 52905 has already done what needed to be done, a cover of Super Mario 3D World’s theme. Not only that but he’s done it pretty damn faithfully with Yoshi’s Island’s samples. It sounds awesome and as much as I’ve wanted to hear it done with Worlds’ samples, I think I like the thought of this more now. Jimmy pretty much came out of nowhere and I hope we can hear more of his covers or SNES adventures very soon!

There isn’t a download link unfortunately but you can also listen on Jimmy’s Soundcloud and perhaps if you bug him he might put one up.

Also Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had good holidays and a good year. Let’s make 2014 really great!

Patricio Herrera is a prolific and talented guy that’s been making SNES covers and remixes for a long time now. He submitted to us a remix of Metal Gear 2’s ‘Theme of Solid Snake’ which uses samples from Contra, Donkey Kong Country and Castlevania games ! It’s really fun to listen to. Patricio has done pleeeenty more so I really recommend checking out his channel for more and I hope he submits more of his highlight work soon!

Phonetic Hero provides something new and something I think is very fun and should happen more often. 'New High Score!!' is a SNES remix of the song 'Shoot'em Down' that is from an upcoming album by WillRock called Welcome To The Real World (Boy that was a mouthful). It uses the Mega Man X sounds to great effect and is a pretty fun and rocking tune, surely this should happen more often! Phonetic Hero did a great job so we hope he submits more in the future.

Welcome To The Real World will be released on the 19th of December and will be having a listening party on Arecibo Radio at 8pm EST. The album is also presented by Ubiktune who release some awesome chip and prog rock music. Will post a download link when it is available.

Changes to submitting to SNESology

We have changed the rules about submitting to us here at SNESology. It is much more laid back now. We realize there is already a lot of content out there and there are artists that want to title and tag their content in such a way that gives them more exposure. We still want a youtube video and hopefully a download link and if you want to really affiliate with us, that would be cool too!

The new Submission Rules

Although we want SNESology to build into a fun “go to” place for new SNES music, that’s not really going to be fully realized until we can host the music submitted to us with our very own website. So for now, let’s keep on building!

Alex Roe has done a cover of the song ‘Mother Maiamai’ from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds using A Link to the Past’s soundset. Hopefully there will be some more of the game’s standout tunes retrograded in the same fashion!

Listen and Download Here!

We have had some interest from artists recently about submitting more music so hopefully there will be more to come soon. Also we might be changing up the rules for submission again as they do seem a little strict about how you want to get your stuff noticed so we’ll post up when there’s a change to that. If you have any thoughts on that, please send us a message or an email!

You can email us at SNESology@gmail.com


Anonymous asked:

What is your process for capturing samples? I am assuming that you isolate tracks in an spc, dump them to wav, and then cut out what you like. For instruments, do you aim to have the samples be a particular note? Are there any guidelines to pitch-shifting instrument samples so they don't distort, or is that not an issue?

We have gone through several methods. Currently we have been using a program called SPCTool which is useful for finding every sound from a game and can sometimes pull all of the games sounds from one track of the spc. SPCTool also gives good readouts on details like a channel’s amount of echo. Then we dump the spc to wav, import into Kontakt and start tweaking from there. Usually a sample is dumped to the pitch of the middle C but if it is not we usually make it do so unless the range of the instrument was used at a higher or lower pitch more frequently. Also every sample is “pitch shifted”, this is something you cannot avoid. This is why certain instruments are usually only heard between a certain range of pitches because they were created to sound best in that range.

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